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African Development Bank’s MicroGREEN Project to benefit entrepreneurs in Ghana and Senegal


A significant step was taken by The African Development Bank (AFDB) towards fostering inclusive economic growth and addressing the challenges faced by marginalized communities. The AfDB has allocated a grant of $999,000 through its Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Multi-Donor Trust Fund (YEI MDTF). This funding will bolster the implementation of the MicroGREEN project, aimed at creating green job opportunities for women, youth, and people with disabilities in Ghana and Senegal. 

The MicroGREEN project serves as a symbol of empowerment, seeking to provide up to 500 green job opportunities and business development services to those often overlooked in traditional employment landscapes. The initiative targets individuals involved in managing natural resource sectors, including agroforestry, fisheries, and biodiversity. By focusing on these sectors, the project not only promotes sustainable environmental practices but also offers avenues for economic advancement to those in need. 

One of the project’s core objectives is to equip at least 1,000 youth, aged 15-35 years, with entrepreneurship capacities and business skills. With a particular emphasis on female youth (60%), people with disabilities/special needs (10%), and other youth (30%), the MicroGREEN project aims to create a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the rich tapestry of African society. Through tailored training programs and support services, participants will be empowered to establish and sustain their micro-enterprises effectively. 

Implemented by Invest in Africa, a renowned non-profit organization committed to fostering SME growth and creating prosperous economies across the continent, the MicroGREEN project benefits from the organization’s extensive expertise in market access, skills development, and access to finance. This partnership ensures that beneficiaries receive comprehensive support, from the inception of their entrepreneurial journey to the scaling of their businesses. 

The significance of the MicroGREEN project extends beyond mere job creation; it represents a shift towards a more inclusive and sustainable economic model. The project not only enhances employment opportunities but also ensures the long-term viability of micro-enterprises by leveraging value chain-based SME development models. The project also fosters greater social cohesion and reduces inequalities, paving the way for more resilient and vibrant communities by integrating marginalized groups into the economic ecosystem. 

The African Development Bank’s commitment to youth empowerment and entrepreneurship is further highlighted by the establishment of the Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Multi-Donor Trust Fund in 2017. This initiative was meant to promote innovation and create durable and sustainable jobs for the continent’s youth. Through strategic partnerships and targeted interventions, the trust fund supports the Bank’s overarching Jobs for Youth in Africa Strategy, which aims to create 25 million jobs and equip 50 million youth with employable and entrepreneurial skills by 2025. 

As we navigate the complex challenges of the 21st century, initiatives like the MicroGREEN project offer hope, demonstrating the transformative power of inclusive economic development. It offers us an opportunity to not only unlock new sources of innovation and productivity but also foster a more equitable and resilient society by harnessing the untapped potential of marginalized groups. 

The MicroGREEN project represents a tangible manifestation of the African Development Bank’s unwavering commitment to youth empowerment, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development.  

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