Thursday, February 29, 2024

Catherine Mumo

Johannesburg’s Green Jobs Expo sparks hope for a sustainable future

Johannesburg has  recently played host to a remarkable event that not only captured the imagination of its youth but also laid the foundation for...

DEWA sets course for a sustainable future by leading Dubai’s clean energy revolution

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is embarking on a transformative journey towards sustainability, unveiling a comprehensive roadmap that integrates environmental stewardship, clean energy...

Ghana unveils new green initiatives, leading the way in clean transition in West Africa

Ghana's recent unveiling of new green initiatives marks a significant milestone in the nation's journey towards a cleaner, more sustainable future, positioning it as a frontrunner in the clean energy transition within West Africa.

USC achieves Gold Star Sustainability Rating, aims for platinum ahead of olympics

The University of Southern California (USC) has attained a prestigious gold star rating for sustainability in 2023

How ASM is redesigning the future through communication

Effective communication stands as a powerful force for change in the realm of sustainability. Africa Sustainability Matters (ASM) recognizes this truth and is committed to harnessing the transformative potential of communication to reshape the future of the continent.

How Africans will be affected by EU’s Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD)

The CSDDD represents a bold step towards embedding sustainability principles into the DNA of corporate operations, particularly within sprawling global supply chains where accountability often remains elusive

SIX and Greenomy forge alliance to empower SMEs in sustainability journey

SIX, a prominent figure in the financial services domain, has partnered with Greenomy, a leading provider of sustainability software solutions. This strategic alliance signifies...

Africa’s complex relationship with foreign aid amid balancing development with sustainability

The debate surrounding the imposition of sustainability efforts as conditions for aid disbursement is complex and multifaceted.

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