Monday, April 15, 2024

Clean-energy skylight makes seawater drinkable and provides free light


Designer Henry Glogau developed a no-cost lighting solution for homes in shantytowns – a skylight dubbed ‘Solar Desalination Skylight’ that provides free lighting and drinkable water.

During the day, the skylight stores the sun’s energy to light homes at night while desalinating seawater into drinking water. The skylight uses free and abundant solar energy and seawater and could be a game-changer for low-income households.

The Solar Desalination Skylight utilizes the sun’s energy to evaporate seawater. Seawater is fed through a long, skinny pipe into the chandelier-shaped skylight, where the sun’s energy extracts the salt from the water. A tap at the bottom of the skylight can then be opened to release drinkable water. At night, the remaining brine left over from the purification process generates an electrical charge to power a dim light.

The Solar Desalination Skylight is one of six finalists of the LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2021. It’s aligned perfectly with the awards’ principles of designing and engineering a better future for society, humanity, and the planet. Other finalists include “endlessly reusable” cytologically-inspired packaging material and a terracotta-based subway cooling system that utilizes the unused wind-generated resource by trains. Read more…

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