Friday, April 19, 2024

Cotton Output To Hit Decade High



Cotton production this year is expected to triple compared to last year, marking one of the highest yields to have been recorded in the last decade.

Fibre Crops Directorate forecasts production will increase from 10,672 tonnes realised last year to 30,000 tonnes.

Increased production has been attributed to better investment and incentives to farmers as the government moves in to spur manufacturing under the Big Four agenda where President Uhuru Kenyatta is targeting manufacturing, affordable housing, universal healthcare and agriculture.

“We will be witnessing tremendous harvest of cotton this year in a decade because of the investment that we have put on farmers to spur production in line with the government’s big four agenda,” said Naomi Kamau, head of directorate fibre crops.

However, she noted that production will be slightly less than what had been projected because of harsh weather conditions witnessed during the current crop season…Read more>>

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