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Green Resolutions For 2019


One of the best feelings you can experience is in the combined energy of so many people embracing something new and better in their lives. But as human beings we have a tendency to disconnect ourselves from those bigger purposes. We often feel insignificant, or too small and the problems all feel humongous. How can we really make real strides when we feel so incompetent?

Without a doubt in order for the focus to shift to the big picture (the environmental, social and political issues) we need to first focus on ourselves. It’s absolutely necessary that we first become the people that can create real change in the world.

Going Green: It’s on everyone’s mind these days and if it’s your New Year’s resolution, you’re in the right place. Green living can be approached from various angles; it requires taking big steps to embark on the process. Ready to take on a greener lifestyle this New Year’s? Looking for ways to reduce your impact on the planet? This year make it your personal mission to adopt habits that will help both you and the earth!

To start you off, here is a list of some achievable resolutions for you to select from. Keep in mind that when selecting a resolution, it must be a reasonable goal that is achievable based on your own circumstances.

  1. Commit to eating less meat. No meat Mondays! Possibly?
  2. Pledge to say no to single use plastics (water/soda bottles, food wrappings etc.).
  3. Choose to use public transport, bike or walk to work one day of the week or possibly more
  4. Buy your coffee using a reusable cup. I do this often.
  5. Join an initiative and volunteer your time in making a change. It can encompass cleaning your environment.
  6. Change your house lighting by adopting energy saving bulbs.
  7. This might sound a bit hard, but challenge yourself to only buy used items and reduce the number of items that go into waste.
  8. Make your own free fertilizer from compost (e.g. food waste). It can be used to nourish your home gardens.
  9. Carry your own reusable shopping bags.
  10. Use less chemicals on your body this year, specifically in your personal care products. Go for eco-friendly and non-toxic brands.


As you go about setting your New Year’s resolutions keep in mind that Individual action can make a big difference. Let it start with you!

Dr. Edward Mungai
Dr. Edward Mungai
The writer, Dr. Edward Mungai, is a global sustainability expert. He is the Lead Consultant and Partner at Impact Africa Consulting Ltd (IACL), a leading sustainability and strategy advisory in Africa. He is also the Chief Editor at Africa Sustainability Matters. He can be contacted via

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