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Green Salon: Sparkling Beauties Sustainably


When asked to create an impact on the environment, most would think of planting a tree, collecting garbage or stuff.  Ever thought of the business you run? that daily routine that earns you an extra coin? you can make the world a better place at your comfort. Yes! It’s possible.

The mandate to transform businesses to respect environmental limits while fulfilling social wants and needs has become an unparalleled platform for innovation on strategy, design, manufacturing, and brand, offering massive opportunities to compete and to adapt to a rapidly evolving world.

Salons are the best hubs for ladies. One goes in shaggy, (talk of the bad hair days), and returns home sparkling.  So can salons sparkle the environment, as they sparkle these beauties?

Salons have a unique role to play in advancing the trend in environmental responsibility, with profitable means also

Let’s have a look at how salons can go green!

 Adopting Green Care Cleaning Products.

Going green in your manicure. Image| Square

Salons offer a range of services from hair styling, manicure, and pedicure, to skin treatments such as tanning, facials, body wraps, make up applications just to mention a few. They also sell these care products. Such services rely on chemical products such as hair dyes, bleaches, shampoos, peroxides, brow and lash tints, wax solvents, disinfectants, and cleaning products. Many of these products contain chemicals that are a hazard to the environment, and also of concern to human health. Way out? Yes! Green care products!

There are many green care products supplies nowadays, with care products just as effective as traditional ones. Adopting these products, would draw more sustainability-oriented customers, care for the staffs and the environment as well.

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Be Water Efficient

Salon demands high volumes of water due to constant washing of hair, pedicure procedures, cleaning of surfaces and towels. With this huge demand, there is a need to be conscious of water usage. The easiest and most cost-effective way to save on water would be to install water-saving devices, such as low faucet aerators to minimize water use. This simple sustainable practice would go a long way in saving on the water resource.

Switching To a Greener Lighting System

Managing power use in a salon is a multifaceted process. It calls for installing power saving bulbs or motion- sensor lighting, maximizing on natural lights, to turning off electronics and saloon tools when not in use.

Salons require huge lighting for both aesthetic value and service operations. This can easily be achieved by maximizing on the natural lights through mirror reflections and incorporating larger windows in the architectural designs. Next, switching to energy-efficient bulbs.

Energy-efficient LED bulbs saves five times more on energy compared to the incandescent bulbs. The bulbs additionally possess a larger life span. This thus saves big on the lighting expense.

Another green option would be installing motion –sensor lighting in restrooms and break rooms to eliminate the unfortunate occurrence of leaving the lights on, for long hours.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Salons are always buying hair care products like shampoos. What of buying refillable gallons instead of having to buy shampoo bottles now and then?

Its a common practice for salons to appreciate their clients with drinks like juice, coffee or wine as they receive their services. However, most present the drinks in disposable cups and plastic straws.  Such plastics are non-recyclable. ending up in the trash after single-use. Salons have a great chance to enhance this offer in a green way by adopting glassware or a china teacup. This improves will boost the customer experience and also saves the landfills.

Proper disposal of electronics and salon tools like clippers, and rechargeable items. With the advance in tech, salons are also doing less paper and pen, and now booking in customers online. Wow! Great move. But let’s not forget the electronics grow obsolete too. Talk of E-waste.

Salons can partner with recycling firms and municipal councils to ensure proper disposal of their e-waste eventually. Adopting recyclable trashcans.

Having recyclable trashcans, besides the normal trashcans, can go a long way in encouraging staffs to sort waste into recyclables and non-recyclables.

Close of day in a salon is characterized by exhaustion, the worse ordeal would be to still swept away hairs on the floor. Ever thought of waste hairs as a resource? But they are. The oil-absorbent nature of hair makes it a recyclable waste- product.  Hair, fur and fleece from salons can be used to make special mats that collect and contain oils spills. Mattertrust. org in the US produce such special mats.

Have A Green Team Leader

Encouraging sustainability should be an ongoing process, and it requires both big and small changes. Having a green team leader would help keen all staff at their toes. A green team leader, will be on duty either on a day, week or month-base. S/he ensures all machines and salon equipment are shut down after work and all lights are off. Creating a green team leader rota, where all staff participate will help build a business culture to commit to being green and reduce business carbon footprint.

While some of the ways salons can go green are absolutely free, others can cost more at the initial engagements. Nevertheless, adopting, sustainable products and practices in the real sense boost the bottom line- commercial success.  

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