Thursday, June 20, 2024

How Education Helps Set a Better Foundation for Long-Term Sustainability


If you’re a brand that cares about the environment or society but doesn’t invest in education, you’re missing an opportunity to expand your impact. This connects to a larger issue — how CSR and sustainability go far beyond any company’s immediate customer base or market.

Education is, in many ways, the foundation of society — where civic values, core skills and lifelong habits are built. The importance of education is an issue that cuts across partisan, age, race and cultural lines. It can also lead to transformational change, as students and education professionals have played a key role in several of the US’s most influential social movements — from the fight for women’s suffrage to the civil rights movement.

For brands, engaging in education can play a key role in achieving their own goals, especially in the long term. Habits learned in school can have impacts years down the line in enabling better decision-making around sustainability, financial literacy and much, much more. Read more

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