Friday, July 19, 2024

Kenya: We shouldn’t be so focused on Covid we neglect environment


In 2020, Covid-19 turned life on its head and affected almost all sectors of the economy.

While many governments have done a good job countering the pandemic, they seem to have relegated one vital sector to the back burner — the environment.

We have heard about reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, reappearance of snow on mountain caps and abundance of fresh clean air in once highly polluted cities, but that is not enough.

The conversation should not stop there because there is a lot more to be done, especially in our homes, villages and estates.

Global warming is still a big concern as it continues to impact the global climatic patterns.

The weather has become erratic — giving a hard time to meteorological departments across the world.

The unpredictable weather patterns are affecting key sectors of our economy, including agriculture, education and tourism. Read more…

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