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Kenyan Manufacturers Partner With Bakeries To Recycle Bread Wrappers


Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) has partnered with Bakers Association of Kenya towards recycling post-consumer plastic bread bags waste in the country.

Under the partnership, the two associations will work together with stakeholders across waste management value chain to promote a circular economy in the country and maximise benefits of the wrappers.

“A huge opportunity remains in the waste management and recycling industry in Kenya. Investing in a circular economy is a sure way for sustainable economic growth since it helps reduce pressure on the environment, improves the security of the supply of raw materials, increases competitiveness, stimulates innovation, boosts economic growth and creates jobs by providing opportunities for entrepreneurship and employment,” said KAM vice-chair Mucai Kunyiha.

KAM is the formal representative body of industrialists in Kenya.

The partnership will seek to reduce plastic pollution arising from bread packaging in the country. It is part of Kenya Plastic Action Plan – a private sector-led initiative that aims to promote a circular economy for sustainable use and recycling of plastic in Kenya. The plan identifies specific actions that the public and private sector should undertake to achieve a circular economy, including waste management, formation and regulation of extended producer responsibility schemes and establishment of recycling value chains and standards.

“It is everyone’s responsibility to manage waste in the country. With this partnership, we hope to play our role in managing plastic waste in the country. I am optimistic that Kenya shall achieve a circular economy because we have vibrant and extremely innovative stakeholders along the value chain who actively play a part in keeping our environment clean,” said Bakers Association of Kenya chair Dipesh Shah.

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