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Kimitec and Nutrifarms forge partnership to enhance olive grove sustainability


A recent partnership between Nutrifarms and Kimitec‘s MAAVi Innovation Center promises to revolutionize the sustainability landscape of olive cultivation. Nutrifarms CEO Vasco Cortes Martins and Kimitec CEO Alejandro de las Casas Pérez sealed this collaboration with a handshake, symbolizing a joint commitment to tackling the agronomic challenges that olive groves face. 

Speaking while expressing optimism about the partnership, Cortes Martins said that the collaboration will fast-track the development of innovative, natural solutions tailored for olive trees, representing a significant step towards sustainability. This effort is expected to yield advanced solutions that will benefit the broader agricultural sector by addressing a variety of challenges. 

Central to this collaboration is the commitment from Kimitec’s MAAVi Innovation Center to develop customized solutions for Nutrifarms. These solutions aim to address pest and disease management during harvest, reduce environmental stress, optimize water usage, and improve crop yield and quality. Kimitec’s Félix García emphasizes the company’s support for Nutrifarms’ transition towards residue-free production, leveraging MAAVi Innovation Center’s research and development prowess. 

The initiative reflects a shift within the olive cultivation industry towards reducing reliance on synthetic chemicals and mineral fertilizers, aiming to unlock crops’ genetic potential sustainably. The MAAVi Innovation Center has responded by creating MAAVi Labs, Europe’s leading R&D center dedicated to natural agriculture solutions. These labs initiate with a thorough understanding of the agricultural challenges and conclude with the delivery of innovative products. 

MAAVi Labs stand as Kimitec’s solution-oriented approach to addressing specific issues across agriculture, aquaculture, livestock, agro-industry, and cosmetics. These labs aim to reduce losses, enhance production, and achieve zero residues and sustainability in industrial processes, embodying Kimitec’s mission to replace synthetic chemicals with natural alternatives. 

Kimitec’s challenge to transform food production through natural solutions led to the opening of Europe’s largest biotechnology center for natural agriculture in 2019. With a team of over 80 scientists and researchers, Kimitec works tirelessly with partners willing to adopt their vision of sustainable agriculture. The Nutrifarms and Kimitec partnership marks a significant milestone in advancing sustainability in olive groves, setting new benchmarks for the industry. 

Solomon Irungu
Solomon Irungu
Solomon Irungu is a Communication Expert working with Impact Africa Consulting Ltd supporting organizations across Africa in sustainability advisory. He is also the managing editor of Africa Sustainability Matters and is deeply passionate about sustainability news. He can be contacted via

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