Friday, April 19, 2024

Making sustainability a personal initiative


Have you ever seen corporations engage in a tree-planting initiative? Such initiatives lead to several trees being planted all on the same day. Sometimes the number goes to thousands of trees planted in a day. The big question is always, ‘who looks after the trees once the exercise is done?’

When we talk about the three p’s in the business cycle (people, profit, and planet) we need to emphasize more on people. For any sustainability initiative to take root and grow, the people have to be actively involved. Take the tree planting exercise for instance. It would be more effective if it was a personal initiative where someone plants the tree in his farm or backyard and takes responsibility tending to it. 

The same approach needs to apply in several other day- to-day activities to ensure that sustainability is not just a thing that is observed at the highest level but a day-to-day activity by everyone. People need to care for the environment. It is only when one understands and cares about the effect of climate change that one can then engage in environment-friendly activities. 

Here we are talking about necessary personal initiatives such as preserving water, going digital and reducing printing as much as possible, switching to solar energy or not leaving the lights on in rooms not used and tree planting just to mention a few. 

Organizations also need to set aside annual budgets for training and educating their staff on sustainability measures. An informed society will breed out of these interventions at the corporate level and transform lives impact fully at the individual level. 

The big question then becomes, how can you effect positive sustainability change today. Take time to think through this and effect a routine in your daily schedule. Only then can we all be active players on transforming our planet for the better.

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