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To Embrace Sustainability, We Must Consider Social Media


Climate change and other adversities facing the world are one of the most talked-about subjects nowadays, everyone is busy spreading the word that climate change is real, if it is not the burning Amazon then it is the effects of Co2 to air pollution lets not forget about the heatwaves. How best to pass information nowadays if not through the social media platforms? Most companies, celebrities, social media activists and scientists are trying to influence people into using recyclable things and adopting a healthy lifestyle that is good for the people and the environment as well. Global brands have long purported to place sustainability at the heart of their business plans, but getting customers on board over big sustainability issues has become crucial for business growth.

If you want to embrace sustainability you must consider social media|photo|sustainability times

With customers only a click away and able to hold companies to account in public arenas, a social marketing policy has become a must-have for business. More and more companies are spreading their sustainability messages through social media and engaging with customers on various business strategies such as corporate social responsibility (CSR). Using social media to share and spread sustainability news comes with many benefits. For instance, Following a 2014 campaign on social media, Coca-Cola saw an increase in positive brand perception along with a two-thirds reduction in a spontaneous negative statement about the brand across social platforms.

Practicing sustainability does not automatically translate into business success unless properly marketed. Social media is proving how the two can be a match made in heaven. While online videos are a very effective tool in a social media marketing campaign, those that incorporate sustainability messages achieve high levels of customer engagements.

Public campaigns are forcing brands to be more transparent about their sustainability credentials. This is majorly attributed to the public debates created through online platforms. For instance, Twitter has a floor to public debates where one can address business sustainability performances. This puts pressure on companies and businesses to be accountable not only for the positive effects they have on the environment but also the negative effects.

social media campaigns can help spread the word on sustainability and grow your business|photo|the Jakarta post

Social media has helped change the perception of people in addition to creating awareness on world adversities. Companies cannot fight the war on climate alone nor can the activists. Agendas on SDGs have to be put to heart by everyone if real change is to be felt. Companies cannot drive a green economy without the help of the larger population as they are just a tip of the iceberg. They should then take advantage of the large numbers of people on social media. Accuracy of the information shared, however, remains a challenge as not all are accurate. A recent study reveals that YouTube videos trying to raise awareness of climate change are not assessing and arranging the obtained data carefully. According to the research, more than 100 videos had used multiple views to support their information that was not based on facts. Companies and people who rely on social media for sustainability news and stories should confirm the source and accuracy of the news that spreads across all social media platforms.

If companies are going to become truly sustainable they will need to change their systems, supplies, and products; they will also need to change their expectations and the behavior of consumers. That will not be fully achieved by preaching about saving the world through meetings, strategies, corporate sustainability, and CSR channels. Instead, companies are going to have to build on the commitment through dedicated sustainability communication which can be done through platforms that bring people together. The word- Social media.

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