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Tanzania pioneers sustainable water management with inaugural green bond


In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable finance, Tanzania has launched its first green bond, aimed at bolstering water supply infrastructure and environmental conservation efforts in Tanga and adjacent areas. This milestone financial endeavor is poised to yield manifold advantages, including augmented water production for wider accessibility, bolstered environmental initiatives, fiscal alleviation for the government, and potentially setting a precedent for neighboring regions. 

Tanzania marks its entry into the green bond market with a bond issuance by the Tanga Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (Tanga Uwasa), seeking to raise over $20.8 million. This move signifies a significant stride for the nation in harnessing green finance to enhance its water infrastructure, emphasizing the growing acknowledgment of sustainable investment within developing economies. The bond’s objective is to finance the expansion of drinking water production, aiming for universal coverage in Tanga, while concurrently supporting environmental preservation efforts, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable development objectives. 

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The green bond champions a critical initiative to elevate water accessibility from 96% to complete universal coverage in Tanga. By funding the expansion of water production and wastewater management, the bond directly contributes to enhancing residents’ quality of life and fortifying environmental sustainability. Supported by FSD Africa and UK International Development, this venture embodies an innovative strategy to tackle water financing challenges in Tanzania, where urban water coverage stands at 86% and rural coverage at 72.3%. 

Potential for Market Growth and Government Financial Relief: The listing of the green bond on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange, boasting an attractive yield of 13.5%, marks a crucial stride towards diversifying Tanzania’s financial markets. The success of this green bond could catalyze other entities within the water sector to explore similar financing mechanisms. Furthermore, such bonds furnish the government with a mechanism to bolster domestic capital, diverting its scarce resources towards other vital social initiatives, thereby providing fiscal relief and an innovative funding stream for public utilities. 

The successful issuance of Tanzania’s inaugural green bond by Tanga Uwasa represents a monumental achievement, underscoring the nation’s commitment to sustainable development and inventive financing solutions. This green bond initiative not only advances Tanzania’s ambition of achieving universal water coverage by 2030 but also advocates for environmental conservation endeavors. Should it prove successful, it could serve as a catalyst, inspiring other stakeholders within the water sector and beyond to embrace green financing for infrastructure development and environmental projects. 

Moreover, the government’s backing of such initiatives exemplifies a strategic approach to financial governance, empowering it to reallocate its budget towards social programs necessitating more direct fiscal investments. The broader implications for the African continent encompass the potential expansion of green financing markets, fostering sustainable economic development, and establishing a blueprint for other nations to emulate Tanzania’s lead. This move underscores Africa’s growing dedication to amalgamating development goals with environmental stewardship and financial innovation. 


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