Friday, April 19, 2024

To Ensure Food Security, We Must Tackle Climate Change


By Emmanuel Ntirenganya

Climate change is not only about catastrophes or desertification, but also the changes in the living conditions of people.

There are some compromises in the Paris Agreement and there are some compromises to put in the new partnerships.

So, we are really to work together to fight climate change.

The second issue is migration because migration is usually seen with a biased perspective.

What we need is to create the conditions to have a legal, safe and best mobility of people.

People need to be able to go from one side to another when they want, not when they are forced to (by harsh conditions).

Climate change is a global concern. Now we need actions. But even with climate change, we have the tools, the typical issue is to put the tools at work. We have the Paris Agreement, now we have a green bill in Europe, and in the future, we will have a new development in this partnership. So, part of it needs to be focusing on climate change because we need to work together to achieve the Agenda 2030 which is our common goal to have sustainableā€¦

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