Thursday, July 18, 2024

What Design Can Do launches the Redesign Everything Challenge


What Design Can Do (WDCD),has launched the Redesign Everything Challenge, a global design competition that is inviting changemakers from across the globe to contribute their innovative ideas towards addressing the climate crisis and propelling the shift towards a fair and circular future.  

The challenge which is a call to reimagine the world, challenges participants to envision new possibilities and rethink existing paradigms, with the aim of catalyzing a wave of innovation that addresses interconnected global challenges. 

Since its inception in 2011, WDCD has been at the forefront of driving positive change, with hubs in Amsterdam, São Paulo, Mexico City, Delhi, Nairobi, and Tokyo.Over the years, WDCD has collaborated with various partners, including the IKEA Foundation, SECRID, ‘Nationale Postcode Loterij’ (Dutch Postcode Lottery), CLICKNL, and the Dutch ministry of foreign affairs to empower creatives to tackle pressing global challenges and create meaningful impact through various initiatives, including challenges, festivals, and educational programs, 

The timing of this initiative is particularly poignant, as the world grapples with pressing environmental and social issues. The scope of the challenge is broad, encompassing diverse aspects of human life and activity. WDCD aims to tackle diverse societal challenges, ranging from clean energy to the health and wellbeing of vulnerable populations. It recognizes the interconnected nature of many of these problems and the importance of holistic solutions. 

Circularity lies at the core of the Redesign Everything Challenge. Embracing circular principles means designing products, services, and systems that minimize waste, maximize resource efficiency, and regenerate natural systems. This approach not only helps mitigate environmental degradation but also fosters economic resilience and social equity. 

The scope of the challenge spans five main disciplines—products, materials, communications, spaces, and systems and services—encompassing a wide array of industries and sectors. Participants are encouraged to think boldly and creatively, with submissions ranging from tangible innovations to cultural campaigns and movements. Previous winners, such as Modern Synthesis and Refugio, serve as inspiration for the kind of impactful projects the challenge seeks to foster. 

For Africa, the challenge of embracing circularity is especially crucial. The continent faces unique environmental and socio-economic challenges, from rapid urbanization to resource scarcity. By adopting circular practices, African countries can unlock new opportunities for sustainable development, job creation, and community resilience. Moreover, embracing circularity aligns with the continent’s aspirations for inclusive growth and environmental stewardship.Through this challenge Africa can craft solutions to its challenges and contribute to a more sustainable and economically robust continent. 

The benefits of participating in the Redesign Everything Challenge extend beyond mere recognition. Winning teams stand to receive funding to support their projects, access to a dedicated accelerator program, exposure through WDCD’s international network of media partners, and the opportunity to pitch their ideas to decision-makers at WDCD Live events. Additionally, participants will have the chance to engage with industry experts, receive mentorship, and join a vibrant community of like-minded changemakers. 

The Redesign Everything Challenge is open for submissions until March 13th, inviting creatives worldwide to contribute their ideas and be part of this transformative journey. 


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