Edward Mungai - Sustainability Evangelist

Edward Mungai, CEO Kenya Climate Innovation Centre, is an avid evangelist of all matters Sustainability. Edward has an all-round background in Business Advisory, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Investment management. He is also the founder of Inspire Leadership that focuses on unlocking people’s potential by providing thing with mentorship and leadership programs, ranked as a top 40 under 40, a Certified Scrum Master and an Eisenhower fellow, making him a vision leader and role model with proven success in diverse fields of endeavor. Edward has a keen eye sustainable development and the role of private sector as a driver for sustainable development in Africa.

His amazement is drawn from him being able to juggle corporate activities where he runs the Kenya Climate Innovation center www.kenyacic.org, which uses a holistic country driven approach to accelerate the development, deployment and transfer of locally relevant climate technologies to the private sector, as well as sub manage over 300 startup incubations for clean energy, water management, agro industrial innovations and many other emerging innovations. He occasionally writes for Business Daily and blogs for www.africasustainabilitymatters.com website, and through these platforms he shares his gospel on Corporate Sustainability.

To add on that, he is also lecturer at Strathmore Business School where he teaches Corporate Sustainability and Innovation to executives. He is also a keynote speaker, and is not shy when it comes to sharing his sustainability ideas and thoughts on platforms such as Climate Launch Pad, One Planet Summit and Danish Delegation.

He also takes advantage of his social media platforms where he shares trendy issues and news on what goes on around the world on matters related to sustainability. Edward leads a team of young energetic creatives who are helping him push the sustainability gospel across Africa through interesting videos and articles and interviews too which are shared on his social media platforms.

With an expertise in the leadership sector, he strongly advocates for sustainability leadership and the interconnection between economic development with social and environmental sustainability. He is also an author and recently published an academic book: “Impact Investing in Africa”, with Palgrave Macmillan (2018). The book which enshrines an impressive overview of the African market and reveals proven investment strategies.

He is also an Abbot six-star marathon finisher having completed all six Marathon Major marathons; London, New York, Boston, Chicago, Berlin and Tokyo. His work, ideas and knowledge in the sustainability world has definitely earned him the title Sustainability Evangelist.


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