A Beat To Sustainability

A beat to sustainability. Image courtesy| X8drummer.com

The concept of sustainability has been presented as scientific facts and one that can only be attained through technical solutions. But maybe sustainability is very simple. It’s not only for think-tanks, environmental scientists, or climate activists. It is that which gives and sustains life and every man must sway to its rhythm. Its urgency must be communicated in a manner that involves him, just like a participatory genre of music.

 A culture of sustainability entails moving away from nature-culture division to embracing a greater perceived and enacted connectedness with the bio-physical reality of the world. It’s all about being in harmony, just like music supports internal harmony with the physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

music and sustainability Image courtesy| istock.com

 It’s like turning on the radio, to your best genre of music, that you cannot resist giving a move.

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It is therapeutic, similar to a gulp of water in a deserted land.

Music sustains life. It’s through music that African American slaves went through the horror of generations of slavery. The tunes gave them hope to a day of freedom.

Music is an abiding tool. It’s through music that social justice movements portray their solidarity for any given course. It not only unites the members but also integrate individuals with the natural world.

High-end music release steam that allows the system to keep running. Through music, farmers engaged in tilling, weeding and harvesting. Motivated them till the end. Finally returning home baskets full.

The music maintains connectivity at inter and intra- person levels, forming people’s social identities. It inspires dressing, eating habits and lifestyles. It forms a group culture.  But remember it’s through the culture that man has adopted a system of non-sustainability. It’s through pursuits of industrialization that we have engaged in unhealthy industrial emissions, reliance on non-renewable resources, and the use on single-use of plastics. This culture has perpetuated modern economic capitalism wreaking havoc on the environment and social relationships. Implications- Rains are no longer a common visitor and crops are no longer doing well, in their high output zones.

Man now treats nature as an object or a distinct avenue away from him. But it’s for sure that any attempt to separate man from the natural environment is a false dichotomy, as man is nature and nature is man. So If a man is to find real solutions to his unsustainable living, he must revolutionize his destructive culture.

Man is nature and nature is man. Image courtesy |Pxhere.com (music and sustainability)

Arts and music present a pivotal role that can expand perceptions and shift consciousness towards greater degrees of sustainability. Art communicates Artistic engagements that help pass imagery or ideas from the subconscious to the conscious awareness without filtering, reordering or domestication of rational or symbolic thoughts. The irrational communication of ideas is relevant to the advancement of the concept of sustainability.

Music gives life and so do environment thus finding the intersection between the two will be a critical component of the feedback loops in the socioecological systems.

So can we inspire sustainable living through music, dance to the tunes, and create soundscapes that favor us. For our environment is our living room and we cannot be burning it away.


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