Make 2020 The Year Of Success In War On Gender, Domestic Violence

One in three women worldwide has experienced physical or sexual violence. Source: Vital

By Daily Nation

I do not have an explanation for this but I believe this year will be the turning point for the women’s movement in Kenya. I harbour a lot of hope that the country will make marked advancement in issues gender, such as equity, equality and the rights of women and children, which include their health and economic empowerment.

Access Justice

My belief emanates from the fact that campaigners for the rights of women, girls and children in general, specific organisations and civil society and even the government through the Public Service, Youth and Gender ministry, have shown some resolve and concerted effort to work for fairness and equality of genders. They are — at least towards the end of 2019 — pulling together to ensure that women also sit at the decision-making table.

It will be important for rights campaigners to ensure that women take up their rightful space and be among decision makers on all issues that concern them and society. 

Some of the issues that must be addressed with more resolve, firmness and focus are sexual- and gender-based violence (SGBV), sexual reproductive health rights (SRHR), economic empowerment of women women’s leadership and development and the human rights of women, girls and children and their welfare, as well as access to justice. Read more>>


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