Promoting Sustainability and Climate Resilience During a Pandemic

As governments and firms all over the world think of ways to minimize the impact of the new coronavirus pandemic and the 4.9% decline in economic output that the International Monetary Fund has forecast it will cause this year, the commitment to protect the environment must be at the heart of the corporate strategies and economic policies being designed to stimulate economic growth during and beyond the pandemic.

This is as important for developing countries such as Nigeria that have less resources to grapple with the effects of global warming such as rising sea levels as it is for richer countries in the West.

People everywhere in the world produce and use a diverse range of building solutions to build the factories where they work, commercial buildings they lease, homes they live in and critical infrastructure required to support economic activities, increase incomes and reduce poverty.

Evidently population growth and economic development drive the pace of urbanization. It is therefore no gainsaying that the construction industry supplies the building blocks for economic growth and improving the quality of lives globally. Read more…


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