We Must Deal With Smoke Pollution

Air pollution from smoke| Photo by Economic Times

By Business Daily

Smog can creep up on you, slowly becoming a little more visible, and a little more, until you just get used to the orange haze hanging in the air at end day. But last week someone sent me a video of the wind that swept into Nairobi during the evening commute, and while the leaves swirled and the camera crackled from the wind, all that I could really see in that video was a sudden shot on film of just how bad the smog in the city has become.

The air was thick and orange, with a proud sun behind coming close to setting for the day. No clouds, no rain, lots of wind, and dust and pollution, and actually a smoky fog of particulates: that we all breathe, into our lungs, where they do irreparable damage, shortening our life expectancy, making us sick.

I sent pictures to my team of the pollution face masks worn long-since in most of Asia’s most polluted cities, and now being banned in Hong Kong because they stop people from being recognizable in street protests and other crimes. Read more>>


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