Checkerboard Solar Panel Design Increases Light Absorption By 125%

The renewable energy division is continuously searching for new ways to improve solar cells’ light absorption with lightweight materials that can be applied in products such as boat sails, camping equipment, and roof tiles.

In a recent study, researchers investigated how different solar panel designs impact sunlight absorption in solar cells. They found that designing solar panels in checkerboard lines improved diffraction, which increased their ability to absorb light by 125%.

The discovery paves the way to producing lighter, thinner, and more flexible solar panels that could be used in a broader variety of products and power more homes. Also, since solar cells are made with solar grade silicon, making slimmer cells and modifying the surface design would make them more eco-friendly and less expensive.

The study, published in Optica, was carried out by a collaboration of researchers from the University of York, NOVA University of Lisbon, CEMOP/UNINOVA campus in Portugal, and the University of Sao Paolo. Read more…


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