Collective Land Ownership Key To Food Security

Kenya has one of the highest numbers of subsistence farmers. FILE PHOTO | NMG

By Hosea Akili

Subdivision of land continues to undermine agricultural productivity and remains a threat to the achievement of the Big Four Agenda.

Agriculture has over the decades been a key driver of the Kenyan economy as well as a top foreign exchange earner. This position continues to be undermined by the continued sub-division of arable land. A majority of Kenyan communities still bury their dead on tiny farms; build houses on ever shrinking pieces of land and urbanization has seen previously rich agricultural lands turned into concrete jungles.

As a result, the country has one of the highest numbers of subsistence farmers.

At Independence, the clamor for land ownership was real, and a key driving force behind the freedom fight.

Every citizen aspired and looked forward to owning a piece of land. Nobody thought this would harm the economy in the long run, as it has…Read more>>


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