Fear as New Locust Swarms Invade Kenya

Farmers try to scare away desert locusts at Mitunguu in Meru County in Kenya (file photo).

Farmers in the South Rift region are grappling with new swarms of desert locusts.

They are worried that the invasion could lead to major losses and hunger, given that aerial spraying of the insects has been put on hold in some places due to the coronavirus crisis.

On Sunday, large swarms were spotted in Mukinyai Farm in Elburgon, Nakuru County, and just two days later the Samburu County government raised the alarm that the swarms had tripled in just a week.

Fresh swarms have also been sighted in several parts of Laikipia and Nyandarua counties, causing fear among farmers.

Invading Farms

In Laikipia, the insects were spotted in Karuga, Losogwa and Igwamiti wards on Monday, while in Nyandarua they were sighted in Gwa Kung’u, Kalamton and Mahianyu areas, which had witnessed previous invasions.

“The young locusts started invading my farm on Monday morning. By evening every part of the vegetation was covered by the insects,” said Ms Irene Mwangi, a farmer in Njonjo area, Laikipia County. Read more…


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