Fish Farmers Accused Of Polluting L. Victoria

A fish farmer feeds his fish at Masese Cage Fish Farmers Cooperative Society on Lake Victoria in Jinja District on Monday. PHOTO BY DENIS EDEMA.

By Daily Monitor

Fishermen at Masese Landing Site on Lake Victoria have accused their counterparts engaged in cage fish farming of polluting the water body and now want the authorities to prevail on them.
Cage fish farming is a type of rearing aquatic animals by confining them in large specific enclosures using nylon nets, sometimes rigged by metallic or plastic pipes.
Mr Joseph Ojambo, 34, a fisherman from Ntongolo Landing Site in Nyenga Division, Buikwe District, on Monday said cage fish farmers are polluting the lake by disposing of their dead fish in the lake, something he attributed to the type of food they are fed on.
“Some of the fish farmers in Masese are complaining of their fish dying. This could be as a result of the chemicals used for mixing the fish feeds that needs to be investigated,” Mr Ojambo said. Read more>>


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