From Awareness To Prevention And Wellness

By Philippa Kibugu-Decuir

BREAST Cancer Awareness Month is a month-to spend time thinking about breast cancer and learning more about how you can reduce your risk for this disease.

Although we do not know specifically the cause of this disease, research has identified risk factors that are likely to increase the likelihood of this disease and how we can reduce our risk.

This knowledge is powerful because it equips us with the ability to reduce our risk as the Kinyarwanda proverb says: “The enemy you know can’t kill you.”

Throughout the month of October, people will be wearing pink ribbons, participating in 5K races, holding events and screenings and sharing information about breast cancer.

At BCIEA (Breast Cancer Initiative East Africa), we’re working each and every day of the year to ensure no one develops preventable cancer through awareness and education.

The best way we can prevent cancer is by educating ourselves and our loved ones. This means taking action, being proactive and taking charge of our health—this begins with you…Read more>>


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