Funding For Renewable Energy Startups in Germany and East Africa

Challenges like climate change and dwindling natural resources require permanent, global innovations. However, to be able to make the greatest impact, these solutions must also be adjusted for local conditions. That is why the University of Freiburg and the Solar Energy Foundation (Stiftung Solarenergie) have launched the joint initiative Startup|Energy to fund the local and international exchange of ideas between startups working in decentralized, renewable energy in Germany and East Africa.

“The University of Freiburg hopes this initiative will inspire students, researchers, and young entrepreneurs to start up their own innovative energy projects. By focusing on the environment and sustainability as one of the defining elements of the University of Freiburg’s profile, we aim to make the Freiburg area a local and national pioneer in the expanding field of decentralized energy,” said Prof. Dr. Gunther Neuhaus, the prorector of research at the University of Freiburg.

The idea behind Startup|Energy is for entrepreneurs to learn from other local contexts when creating their own ideas. “Because energy startups in Germany and Africa can rely on different sets of experiences, this provides unrealized potential for decentralized, renewable energy sources.

If you want to develop smart, sustainable solutions, you need to change your perspective and expand your horizons,” said Dr. Harald Schützeichel, who is a startup coach at the Startup Office (Gründerbüro) of the University of Freiburg and director of the Solar Energy Foundation. Read more…


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