How Changes In Weather Patterns Could Lead To More Insect Invasions

A man runs through a desert locust swarm in Kitui County, Kenya. DAI KUROKAWA/EPA

By Esther Ndumi Ngumbi

Outbreaks of insect pests and insect invasions are on the rise on the African continent.

Currently, several African countries – including Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia – are dealing with the one of the most devastating outbreaks of desert locusts. This comes after recent fall armyworm invasions which affected more than 44 African countries. Countries also grapple with more localised pest invasions of insects like the South American tomato moth and maize stem borers.

Many countries suffer from a lack of food because the insects can consume, or destroy, huge amounts of crops. Just five invasive insect pests are estimated to cost the African continent US$1.1billion every year. Read more…


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