Friday, July 12, 2024

How Going Digital Is The First Step To Sustainability


Sustainability is key for organisations that want to stay competitive. A balanced, holistic approach is best, and that starts by going digital. Gabrielle Ginér, Head of Environmental Sustainability for BT, shares her thoughts.

Going digital isn’t just about making our working lives easier and more flexible. ICT solutions have the potential to help lower global COemissions by 20% by 2030.

There are many ways that digital technology can promote sustainable ways of working. Going digital means that there’s less need to:

  1. Travel. People can work together effectively even though they’re not in the same place.
  2. Have lots of equipment. Not necessary once a business has moved to the cloud.
  3. Use energy keeping on-premise hardware online. Organisations simply won’t need it anymore.

We’re already seeing some of the environmental benefits of digital working. Our products and services helped customers avoid 11.7 million tonnes of carbon last year.

If you haven’t made the move to digital yet, now’s the time. With the right solutions, it’s possible to find a balance between sustainability, security and efficiency that works for your organisation.

A balanced, tailored approach to sustainability

There’s evidence to support a balanced approach to digital working, with some roles remaining face-to-face, for example in hospitality, and others ‘going digital’. Before Coronavirus, the move to digital working was typically a slow one. The key to success was deciding how digital working could add value and where there was still a need for a human touch. Read more…

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