Thursday, July 18, 2024

How to get children interested in renewable energy


Kids are the ones that will be inheriting the world from us. Getting them invested early in protecting the environment will ensure that their curiosity and interest will live on once they become adults.

Figuring out how to introduce the concept of renewable energy to kids can be tricky. The more significant challenge comes down to getting kids interested and excited versus putting them on the receiving end of another lecture.

It will take a bit of planning and creativity, but there are ways to get children interested in renewable energy even at a young age.

What to Explain

The concepts you plan on teaching children should be age-appropriate. An elementary schooler doesn’t need to know the inner complexities of thermodynamics. Start small and slowly build into the topics you want to cover.

Start With Sustainability

Leaping straight into renewable energy is a quick way to lose a kid’s interest. If you start throwing around terms they don’t understand, they will quickly tune out. Depending on their age, you may even get an eye roll.

Sustainability means something can continue to exist for an indefinite amount of time. Gardening is an easy example to present to children for this concept. If a tomato is grown, that tomato contains seeds. Those seeds can be replanted, and the cycle will continue. Read more…

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