If We Had To Write Mother Nature A Check For Our Environmental Impact, How Much Would It Be?

Mother Nature is priceless, yet we humans seem to be hell-bent on destroying our most precious asset. The need for urgent action has never been greater.

Human-induced climate change is already impacting our daily lives, but we keep on burning fossil fuels, cutting forests, depleting nature’s stocks and polluting our land and water. The scientific data is overwhelming, yet once again the world has failed to meet a single target to stop the destruction of nature, according to a recent UN report .

But there are signs of progress and elements of hope, even in the fashion retail world which happens to be the second most polluting industry on the planet. Gary Thatcher, CEO and co-founder of The Retail Summit , recently hosted over 100 research calls with the retail community, and reports that there was hardly a conversation where sustainability was not a top priority.

During a discussion on Sustainable Fashion led by Sammar Farooqi, SAP Industries Leader for Retail and Consumer, top executives shared insights and new developments. Read more…


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