Is Clean Energy Shutting Out Women?

Strauss Energy Limited workers instal solar energy systems on July 22, 2016. We cannot expect clean energy to benefit everyone unless women and men have a strong voice in how it is bought and used. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP

By Daily Nation

Families are seizing the power of clean, sustainable energy.

Solar products such as lights and phone chargers mean that even those with little money can enjoy the benefits of electricity — from internet access to greater income-earning opportunities. Kenya aims at 100 per cent energy access by 2022.

Recent progress can make us feel that a world of limitless energy for everyone is just around the corner.

A revolution that will solve all social problems, from education to women’s ‘double burden’ — pressure to look after the home while also earning money.

Yet, we cannot hide from an obvious truth: new technology will not transform communities on its own. To unlock its potential, we must confront bigger questions of justice and inequality.

And we must be honest about the impact of energy coming to villages for the first time.

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