Sunday, April 14, 2024

Kenya to Reopen Its Airspace to International Flights Next Month


Kenya will reopen its airspace to international flights next month on August 1 as resumption of domestic flights takes off next Wednesday.

The East African nation has also lifted restrictions on inter-county movements, including those placed on the capital Nairobi and the Mombasa port city, which have recorded the highest Covid-19 caseloads in the country.

The reopening is meant to revive international trade and tourism, which had been hamstrung by passenger air travel curbs in efforts to contain imported cases of the deadly flu.

President Uhuru Kenyatta made the announcement on Monday but retained the nightlong curfew for another 30 days.

“When we re-open, we cannot use the old maps to navigate the new lands created by the moment. We must have the courage to let go the old models of yesterday in order to find the new opportunities presented by this crisis today,” he said during a televised briefing

Kenya has the highest recorded coronavirus cases in East Africa, with the number having surged over the past days.

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