Kenya: Unilever Introduces 100% Recyclable Plastic Packaging In East Africa

The Dutch-British multinational Unilever has recently launched its first plastic packaging made from 100% recycled flexible materials in Nairobi, Kenya. Thousands of tonnes of virgin plastics will be reduced each year in Africa as a result of this initiative.

The scouring powder “Sunlight” is Unilever’s first product with fully recyclable packaging so far in Kenya. The new packaging has been presented to the public a few days ago in Nairobi by the Dutch-British multinational. The company’s new packaging, including that of the “sunlight” cleaning product, weighs 500 grams and 1 kilogram respectively. They will be marketed in Kenya and the rest of the East African sub-region.

The “sunlight” project is part of the “U-turn waste management project” launched by Unilever in 2018 in Kenya. It was developed in collaboration with waste management service provider Green Africa Trading. “It is an important step in demonstrating that it is possible to create a sustainable, inclusive, traceable and fair circular economy for plastics in emerging markets. Kenya is leading the way in thinking about this issue,” says Keiran Smith, co-founder and CEO of Green Trading Africa. Read more…


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