Kenyan Reserve Deploys an Anti-Poaching Technology Arsenal

Ol Pejeta Reserve takes the battle against poaching a notch higher, by deploying an arsenal of anti-poaching equipment. AFP |TONY KARUMBA

By Africa News with AFP

Ol Pejeta Game Reserve has taken the battle against poaching a notch higher and deployed an arsenal of anti-poaching equipment.

The conservation’s ranger uses a 360 ° camera films the area and relays round-the-clock possible intrusions to the reserve headquarters. The camera is part of high-tech equipment launched last month by the conservation as part of the first high-tech laboratory for wildlife, a research centre located in the heart of the sanctuary to integrate new technologies into the daily management of animal reserves.

The private reserve on Kenya’s Laikipia plateau is home to the last two northern white rhinos in the world – two females – and the largest population in East Africa of black rhinos, a critically endangered species.

The 360 ​​km2 reserve with 250 rangers responsible for security is battling the high threat of poaching. Last year, three rhinos were killed, their horns sectioned and carried away, in the Meru National Park, on the other side of Mount Kenya. Read more…


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