Kenyans Blame Human Action For Worsening Climate Change

A truck drives into a cloud of smoke produced by burnt industrial waste products at Athi River near the old Mombasa Road. PHOTO | SILA KIPLAGAT

More than a half of Kenyans believe that humans are to blame for the worsening climatic conditions, a report shows.

The 2019 AfroBarometer Experience and Awareness of Climate Change survey shows that 59 percent of Kenyans are of the view that human activities are to blame for the rise in climate change.

“On the other hand, 13 percent link the problem to both human activities and natural processes,” the AfroBarometer report says.

Human influence on climate change is especially high among people with post-secondary education (59 percent) while low among those without formal education (42 percent).

Only 39 percent of Kenyans are aware of climate change and believe it has a negative implication.

The survey covered 45, 823 respondents in 34-African countries between September 2016 and September 2018.

“Overall, in 29 of the 34 surveyed countries, fewer than half of citizens have both heard of climate change and associate it with negative changes in weather patterns. Read more>>


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