Let us boost our plastics recycling industry

A polluted city river clogged with garbage, including plastic. FILE PHOTO | NMG


The global conversation on plastic waste management continues to get heated by the day.

United Nations Environment continues to encourage Africa countries to establish policies to curb plastic pollution and establish a plastic- free continent. On the other hand, industries continue to advocate for reuse and recycle of plastic waste.

The end result in either case is environmental conservation, therefore, it is clear that leveraging on waste management will ensure that we all establish an effective circular economy.

In Kenya, it is encouraging to see the government giving due consideration to plastic waste management. This was demonstrated in the recently read Budget Statement that gave two progressive proposals to incentivize recycling:

The proposal to exempt from VAT all services offered to plastics recycling plants and supply of machinery and equipment used in the construction of recycling plants and the proposal to lower corporation tax for the first five years to 15 percent for any investors operating as plastic recycling plant…Read more>>


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