Meet Trio Conserving Nature By Using Alternative Materials For Furniture Production

The firm can produce a wide range of outdoor furniture made from concrete and reinforced with steel. Photos by Lydia Atieno.

By Lydia Atieno

The rapid development and urbanization in the country, like elsewhere across the world has seen the increased dependence and use of natural resources such as trees to produce furniture among other products. This in return has led to environmental degradation.

It’s in this regard that three young entrepreneurs came up with an enterprise to play a role in conservation of trees and the environment in general.

Eric Nshimiyimana 28, Tharcisse Ndahimana 26, and Aime Jules Simbi 25 started their journey three years ago while they were still students at IPRC in Musanze District undertaking a civil engineering course.

After doing their research, they found out that a significant section of products made from trees were outdoor furniture like tables, chairs and benches among others…Read more>>


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