On Reaping Big From Drought, Shortages

1Arubanas Mutua demonstrates how he pumps water from a pan in his farm in Machakos. The 34-year-old has a three-quarter acre tract of land where he practices mixed farming, with the pan providing sufficient water for the farming activities. PHOTO | LEOPOL

By Daily Nation

In Mwala, Machakos County, only farms close to water points are green. Crops in the rest, whose owners lack the means for irrigation, are wilted, having lost the fight to a harsh weather.

Across the road and far into the scattered woods, a few sheep, goats and cows tethered to trees scrape a nearly bare ground for the last straws of dried grass.

In Malumani, however, Arubanas Mutua’s three cows effortlessly supply the village with many litres of milk despite the dry weather that has destroyed pasture.

Just before the December 2018 short rains, Mutua planted Napier grass on a quarter-acre piece of land, then bought several bales of stovers and grass from locals that he used to make hay. Read more>>


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