Plastic, Plastic Everywhere But Not For African Recyclers

An employee sorts plastic bottles at the Weeco plastic recycling factory at the Athi River industrial zone near Nairobi, Kenya, May 15, 2019. Picture taken May 15, 2019. REUTERS/Baz Ratner

By Thomson Reuters

A sea of crumpled bottles spills across the courtyard of Lucy Luo Minghui’s new $44 million plastic recycling factory in Nairobi, where plastic waste litters roadsides and clogs rivers. Yet, she can’t get enough to sustain her business.

Like many developing nations, Kenya has no recycling infrastructure; private companies collect unsorted household rubbish and truck it to enormous dumps. Waste pickers scavenge through trash bags outside homes and stinking mounds of refuse at dumps to recover the plastic that Minghui needs. Read more>>


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