Removing Hurdles That Hurt Growth Of E-Commerce

E-commerce in the light of globalization demands sharing of data across boundaries. FILE PHOTO | NMG

By Kellen Kiambati

There are an estimated 3.5 billion internet users worldwide with 39 percent in Africa. In Africa, Nigeria has 111.6 million internet users, Egypt 49.23 million and Kenya 51.1 million.

The global average internet speed stands at 6.1 Mbps. The web traffic is largely generated through smartphones perhaps due to infrastructure development and convenience.

Millennial internet users spend an average of 185 minutes on mobile internet services every day. This demonstrates the potential in the sector whether email, social networking, online search, online videos, online shopping or instant messaging.

There is no doubt that internet connectivity has resulted to new business models and tremendously changed existing businesses, spurring growth and improving overall value creation.

There is also no doubt that innovative use of technology translates to business transformation providing solutions for enterprises to achieve their desired outcomes…Read more>>


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