Rwanda’s GURARIDE Looks To Jumpstart Africa’s Bikeshare & Micromobility Industry

The Covid-19 crisis and the need for strong social distancing protocols have resulted in people seriously looking into how they commute. In Europe there has been a renewed focus on micromobility, with several countries actively promoting cycling and electric scooters, as well as encouraging people to walk more.

Governments are funding projects to improve infrastructure to accommodate more cyclists. Closer to home, Nairobi CBD has recently undergone a pretty cool makeover with new cycle and pedestrian lanes to make it more cycle- and pedestrian-friendly. Promoting cycling will help in the efforts to improve air quality, lower congestion, and to also provide a massive opportunity for people to get some good exercise.

Bikeshare programs have been slow to take off in a lot of African countries. An article from the World Economic Forum looks into some of the reasons why growth in the industry has been slow. One of the major stumbling blocks is the negative perception associated with cycling, as people believe bicycles are a “poor man’s mode of transport,” and there is an absence of dedicated cycle lanes. Read more…


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