Showing What Is Possible in Africa with Responsible Leadership


By Teddy Totimeh

In a world where every other continent is aging faster than Africa, it is our responsibility to ensure that we make the decisions today that enables our future workforce to be cognitively optimized adults.

If the reality is that 50% of children under 5 years are malnourished today, then we are hamstringing the future potential of an entire continent, our future depends on them.

Just by forging together, Africa can create the biggest trade zone in the world, with enough space to fit USA, Europe India with space to spare.

Just by forging together we can create a value overnight of trillions of dollars of cumulative GDP. It is a value that is really difficult to overlook on the global negotiating table, a relevance we will never have with splintered presentations from each of the 55 nations. Forging together means strengthening continental institutions. It means strengthening governance, synchronizing tax regimes, restarting the conversation on common currency, optimizing already existing communications, banking, energy, security and other infrastructure…Read more>>


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