State On The Spot Over Mental Health Crisis

By Daily Nation

Concern is growing over the startling spike in suicides, especially among teens.

A few weeks before a 14-year-old girl killed herself in Bomet County, the Nation team had accompanied a counsellor to her aunt’s home in Kikuyu, Kiambu.

She had been invited to talk to her 13-year-old niece, who her parents said was “acting weird” — cutting everyone off, locking herself in her room and even failing to shower and eat for days. The teen was suicidal and could be struggling with a mental illness, the counsellor said.


A World Health Organisation (WHO) report says most people who contemplate suicide could be suffering from mental health problems

The counsellor decided it was in the teenager’s best interest to take her for more counselling and medical attention if the need arose. Read more>>


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