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Report: Tanzania More Urbanised Than Kenya

Tanzania is the most urbanised country in East Africa, according to data compiled by researchers at Yale and Columbia universities.

Kenya Posts Fastest Electrification Rate In Africa

Kenya leads Africa in the pace at which it is electrifying its population through a mix of grid and off-grid power connections.

Lake Turkana: A Lifeline In Danger Of Running Dry

The World Bank recently took a swipe at the dispirited manner in which Kenya and Ethiopia are handling the risk of Lake...

Coronavirus: Tanzania Records Biggest Population Slide Into Extreme Poverty

Tanzania has suffered the biggest rollback of poverty reduction gains in East Africa battered by Covid-19 pandemic, with about six million more...

Kenya Gets $1bn World Bank Loan

The World Bank has approved release of $1 billion loan towards meeting Kenya’s budget shortfalls as the country battles multiple crises –...

Namibia, Ghana, Kenya Lead Africa’s Green Energy Transition

Namibia leads in sub-Saharan Africa in the race to achieving net-zero emissions in energy generation and consumption, followed by Ghana and Kenya,...

Kenya, Uganda Plunged Into Nationwide Blackout

Kenya and Uganda were early Saturday morning thrown into nationwide blackout even as their utility companies scrambled to troubleshoot the hitches.

Kenya Overtakes Italy, Joins Top Seven Geothermal Producers

Kenya has raced past Italy to emerge seventh largest geothermal power producer in the world, new global data shows.

Kenya, Ethiopia Listed Among Countries With Best Workforce In Hydropower

The World Bank has rated Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana and Mozambique’s labour pool in hydropower as most qualified on the continent.

Kenya: Four Million Women Live Below Poverty Line

More women than men live in extreme poverty in Kenya with four million females subsisting below the poverty line, a new report shows.