Why Closing Africa’s Skills Gap Is Crucial

Youth during a graduation ceremony after attending a programme meant to bridge the gap of skilled labour in the job market. PHOTO | DIANA NGILA

By Dion Shango

The robots are coming, and millions of people will be laid off.

Automation will create more jobs than it destroys. The Fourth Industrial Revolution will accelerate inequality.

New technologies will enable Africa to catch up with the rest of the world.

The headlines regarding emerging technologies that we read today are as attention-grabbing as they are contradictory, and the only clear conclusion they all point to is that no one really knows where these developments are ultimately going to take us.

From nuclear bombs to nuclear medicine, technologies have the potential to be used to do good or harm. That’s because they have no inherent morality. So while technological change has always been disruptive, the ultimate impact of the current revolution will very much depend on how we as business, government, civil society and ordinary citizens choose to use and manage it…Read more>>


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