Chile Plans To Become A World Leading Green Hydrogen Producer

Due to the carbon neutrality goals signed by 185 countries, the global demand for hydrogen fuel (H2) is expected to increase to ten-fold by 2050, and production costs decrease considerably in the coming years. The hydrogen industry is expected to reach half the size of the current oil market in 30 years because it offers a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels if the H2 is produced with renewable energy. H2 produces zero emissions and can be used to power cars, buses, ships, and even spacecraft.

According to Energy Minister Juan Carlos, Chile plans to get in on the action by increasing its renewables capacity so it can become a leading producer and exporter of green hydrogen as a clean fuel by 2050. The Andean country’s geographical position – with sunny deserts in the north and intense, constant winds in the south – puts it at a comparative advantage over the rest of the world. Green hydrogen from Chile could be made through an electrolysis process (the separation of molecules using electricity) that is powered by solar and wind farms.

Minister Jobet said, “We are working to convene a large number of actors because we need to harness the will of many in order to be able to take advantage of this potential. In Chile, we have huge natural resources from which to produce electricity very cheaply, free trade agreements worldwide, and an open economy.” Read more…


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