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Corporate Sustainability Must Be at The Forefront in A Post-Covid-19 Era


many parts of the globe taking their first steps towards recovering from COVID-19 lockdowns, the discussion has shifted to what kind of world we will be returning to, what limitations will govern our behaviors and interactions going forward, and what effects that will have on all aspects of our lives.

The business world has already experienced major upheaval and disruption as a result of the virus. Many businesses and organizations were forced to close shop altogether, but others were able to continue trading, albeit in a more limited fashion, by shifting employees from office-based working to remote working.

While some organizations had already embarked on a migration to remote working before COVID-19 emerged, many others had to make the change much more drastically when the lockdown came into effect. It’s highly likely that this shift will, for the most part, become permanent for many businesses.

This change in working practice has significant implications for businesses and organizations in terms of the computer hardware they deploy. For many years, the desktop was the standard PC for many workers, but there has now been a shift towards mobile devices, such as laptops, along with the addition of tablets and smartphones.

The effects of COVID-19 have accelerated the trend towards remote working, but that doesn’t mean the PC is dead, rather that its role is diminishing. Read more…