Deal Signed to Develop Smart Green Villages in Rwanda

"Smart green villages" an aim to build communities’ resilience to climate change.Photo: United Nations Environment Programme

By Michel Nkurunziza

Rwanda Green Fund on Thursday signed an agreement with the Global Alliance for Smart Cities and Smart Villages in Africa (GASCA) to develop Rwandan villages into “smart green villages” with an aim to build communities’ resilience to climate change.

The deal with be facilitated by 20 Regions of Climate Action (R20), a consortium of private companies and not-for-profit international organizations that develop and secure financing for green infrastructure projects.

A green village is one that is developed economically using natural resources in a sustainable manner, without affecting the environment.

Environmental experts said that the climate-smart village approach is a key initiative that will go a long way to address climate change challenges on food security, promote adaptation and build resilience to climatic stresses.

Hubert Ruzibiza, the CEO of FONERWA said that they will start by identifying areas where a pilot smart green village will be developed before a large scale deployment of smart green villages across the country and eventually the African continent.

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