Forests And Passion: A Hero’s Guide to Resisting Climate Change

Photo by UN Environment Programme / Aidan Dockery

By UN Environment

With the launch of a major report by the Global Commission on Adaptation on 10 September 2019, we follow the story of an environmental hero from Seychelles and their quest to adapt by harnessing the power of trees. #AdaptOurWorld

For many people, retirement is a chance to take a break. Not so for Victorin Laboudallon, a grandfather from the Seychelles who spends his days planting forests to fight climate change.

Wherever there’s a forest fire in Seychelles, you can be sure you’ll find Laboudallon ready to fight back, armed with seeds and shovels.

“Protecting nature makes me very happy in life,” says Laboudallon. “We need to protect it as much as we can, so other generations can enjoy it like I did when I was a kid.”

Laboudallon, 65, has built a network of volunteers, from children to retirees, whom he calls upon to help him with replanting.

“If tomorrow we have another fire, we are ready to go back and plant.” Read more>>


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