Generating Sustainable Revenue from Sesame Exports

Although local production is low, countries in the region such as Mozambique can supply raw sesame seed to Zimbabwe, which will be value-added into high-end oil and pharmaceutical products

Discussions on the state and future of Zimbabwe’s exports places emphasis on agricultural produce for a good reason.

This is a low-hanging fruit that can drive exports from farmers across the country, given the good climatic conditions which can promote abundant supply of grain, tobacco, fruits and vegetables.

Zimbabwe was once considered the breadbasket of Africa, a position not difficult to retain.

The country has potential to grow and export an array of produce that is sought-after in major regional and international markets.

To realise this potential and increase revenue in exports from agriculture, there is a need for farmers to diversify their crops, focusing on niche produce that can be value-added into different high-end products.

One of these crops is sesame seed. Sesame is fast becoming the cash crop for some economies in Africa. Read more…


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